Searching the County’s Records

The collaboration between the Cambridgeshire County Council’s Historic Environment Team (CHET) and the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (MAA) has highlighted the interesting way that our research processes differ due to the different natures of our work. At CHET we work directly from the Historic Environment Record (HER) – a database that contains information about the historic environment of Cambridgeshire. It covers everything from excavations that have taken place, artefacts that have been found, details of all the listed buildings and Scheduled Ancient Monuments in the county which is then all digitally mapped.

Every time an excavation is finished or an object is found this information is put into the HER as part of an Event or Monument Record. These records are highly detailed and cover things like geographical location of the find, find type e.g. ‘bracelet’, find material e.g. ‘copper alloy’ and period e.g. ‘Roman’. We can then search the HER using these details as search tools to find objects associated with children. After that we track down the source linked to that record which gives further details of the find (which might be an excavation report or a published book) and research more!

CHET Work Stations

Due to the nature of archaeological excavation, the majority of our finds from CHET so far have been juvenile burials and associated artefacts.

Gabrielle Day, Assistant Archaeologist (HER), CHET

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