Volunteer Exhibition Explainers

If you recently visited the Hide and Seek: Looking for Children in the Past exhibition, you might have met one of our volunteer Exhibition Explainers. In May this year, we started recruiting and training a new team of volunteers to help us provide a friendly and engaging introduction to this special exhibition. This is a completely new volunteer role at MAA and has already proven to be a great way to enrich visitors experience and increase accessibility.

All visitors are different and engage with the exhibition in varied ways. Our volunteer Explainers are ready to welcome all kinds of visitors and help them make the most out of their visit by bringing objects and their stories to life. Through their interactions with members of the public, our team of volunteer Explainers have also been collecting visitor feedback as well as encouraging visitors to share their own childhood memories. These memories have been collected through photos, audio recordings, writing and drawings and will feature in our online memory board in the Hide and Seek website.

If you are thinking of volunteering this summer and enjoy talking to members of the public, click here to find out how to become an Exhibition Explainer.

Lorena Bushell, Education Assistant, Hide and Seek: Looking for Children in the Past

One of our Explainers holding a 3D printed replica of the Bronze Age child’s bow. The original is displayed in the case next to her.



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